Saturday, February 6, 2010

Great Day at The Shop!

Today there were a few of us that braved the cold.
Jason Bivens worked on a Damascus billet.

Bob brought one of his knives.

Very Nice

Fun Times We will post more soon!


Anonymous said...

hi guys.
Im from ireland and im trying to learn more about blacksmithing.
your video's on youtube are a great help.
Id realy like to see more of your TV shows where can i get my hands on them?

Anonymous said...

my name is Jesse and I am from Kansas, I have always wanted to do blacksmithing but I don't feel safe trying it on my own no matter how many videos I watch, I was wondering if there is some kind of apprenticeship there of some sort that maybe I could learn from, if you could contact me at it would be much appreciated

Jason Perry said...

Great to see that we have an International following!Thanks for the comment and we will be putting more videos up soon!